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. Non-EU citizen are granted 90 days upon arrival, extensions are rarely granted except for extraordinary circumstances.  Many other nationalities are also granted 90 days upon arrival and are allowed to be in French Polynesia for stays of 90 days during any 180 day period.  Which means 90– in followed by 90 out allows you have a new visa for 90 days.


See the home page for links to visa requirements below:             

        You can view the entire text of the law, in French, by clicking here (Legifrance.gouv.fr.)

        You can view VISA requirements by country in English, by clicking here (Visa requriments English)



Your boat is allowed to stay in French Polynesia for 24 months before having to be imported (taxes to be paid).

In addition to personal effects, the following items are allowed duty free: 200 cigarettes, 100 cigarillos or 50 cigars, 250 grams of smoking tobacco, 50 grams of perfume, 25 liters of lotion, 5OO grams of coffee, 100 grams of tea, and 2 liters of spirits. Visitors under 17 years of age are not allowed to import tobacco and spirits.

Prohibited items include narcotics, copyright infringements, weapons and ammunition, drugs, imitation brand names and cultured pearls originating in Tahiti.



French Polynesian Francs (cfp or xpf) are linked to the Euro (eur).  119,331742 Francs = 1 Euro


In all of the businesses on Nuku-Hiva will exchange dollars at 80 cfp to the dollar (USD).



The municipal water supply in the Marquises is not potable.  There are some exceptions .  Use caution!

Treated water can be found at three water filtration stations around the Village of Taiohae.



There is no municipal transportation system on Nuku-Hiva.  Taxis can be arranged in advance to meet your needs.  Yacht Services can provide local transportation with minimal advanced notice.


Airport Taxi Service cost 4 000 cfp per passenger one-way.



There is one bank on Nuku-Hiva.  Banque Socredo is located in the center of the village.  They provide typical banking services as well as repatriation bonds, money exchange, etc.  They also have two ATMs which are accessible 24/7.

The post office also have an ATM which is accessible 24/7.



Personnel Safety:

Sharks—in the South pacific we have lots of sharks.  However, shark attacks are rare.  With good common sense you can safely swim and dive here. 

Other Nasties: include scorpions, centipedes, wasps, mosquitoes and no-nos (no-see-ums).  The latter can be deterred with normal repellents.  In the case of the first three just keep you’re eyes open and be thoughtful where you put your hands and your feet.


Medical and Dental Care:

There is hospital in the Village which can provide for most urgent needs, medications, x-ray, doctors, minor surgery.  Anything bigger than that the staff are capable of stabilizing a patient and transporting them to Tahiti where there is a large full service hospital.

There is a dentist on the island who can deal with just about any dental emergency.







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